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  2. You guys are:1. Not real improv and2. Not everywhere – only in NYC it seemsbut more important… you are not funny. Ever. You are a bunch of attention starved hipsters that wouldn’t know real improv or acting if it hit you square in the jaw. Ashton Kutcher’s “PUNKT” has more creativity than this senseless junk. Go back to waiting tables and do us all a favor.

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  8. You and your sister look a lot alike. I'm sure you hear that often! (I know I do about me and my sister!)Have fun during your family festivities, Debra!

  9. I agree with you about the character kill off’s. As for the final scene stuff, well dude its a movie.I don’t think strapping all his evil mutant pose into a bus would of been good viewing material.

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  12. sweetie i totally agree! we had so much fun together! one of my best vacation ever!love u and taras…even if it s almost a year we dont see each other, you are always in my thoughts

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  15. Great post, nice review. I appreciate the labor context. (Though I could not get into the novel, myself. I think Doctorow’s short fiction is better. FTW was distractingly flat for me. Perhaps I will try again.)

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