Playing with Myself for You!

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  1. Keiffer says:

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  2. Dec20MrKillu405 i miss you kyle and mitchell i think of you guys every day and dream of you when i dont !! your my best friends and you always will be ..RIP

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  6. rac insu says:

    Thanks, JC.It’s very cool that you take time to answer our questions.SHU should have had the PR sense to have a rep on hand to answer questions and promote their agenda.

  7. Haha, och JAG gnuggar MINA förväntansfulla knölar i väntan på något att plocka hem! DIN bokhylla kan jag tänka mig att plocka allt ur.;) Ingen bokrensning på gång hemma hos mig dock, är jag rädd.

  8. Esto es una vergüenza,¿dónde está diferencia entre Irak y esto? Ah si, que Rusia y China se abstuvieron en vez de votar en contra en la ONU (¿q les habrán prometido?) y…nada más. En los dos países había un dictador sanguinario que masacraba a la población civil, los dos son grandes productores de petróleo, etc…Ah bueno y la diferencia principal q seguramente explica todo: En Irak el presidente era del PP y ahora es del P$OE…No comment…

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  10. Congratulations to the team! The DAP turned the proposal down, and supported all our opposition to it!While we are all keen to see the site used for something constructive, it does need to be PART of our community, not on top of it.I wonder if the school could rent some space there for our own little population boom?

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  21. Hi Michael and Katherine,When’s your exhibition?! Stunning photographs, and inspirational story and I am filled with immense joy reading through your snapshot of the past three years!Michael you were born gifted and I have always admired your talent, but it takes something else to pursue your passions (Pass I On) and courage to say goodbye to the familiar and venture into the world in pursuit of your preferred reality!I thank you – and I look forward to crossing paths again one day soon xx

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