normal she is shy as fuck but when the cam is out she turns into a monster

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  1. Affinity says:

    THX that’s a great anersw!

  2. Whoever edits and publishes these articles really knows what they’re doing.

  3. The trailer project is fabulous, Rebecca. I love that you’re working on practical and the decorative levels at the same time. The leaks could be daunting, but you’re taking them in hand so calmly. butyl tape– Who knew? And what’s not to love about the look of that bottom photo.

  4. hi,I am new to this and am looking for a board for my daughter. She will be 12 this summer, has gone to surf camp, and owns a soft board that is about 7′ long and does okay on it. we live on the east coast and surf on Fire island. what do you mean by… THIS BOARD HAS A VOLCOM LOGO SPRAY PAINTED OVER THE BOARD LABEL – THE GUY THOOUGHT IT WAS A “NEW” PLASTIC FANTASTIC – AND I KNOW THE GLASSING LOGO ON IT WHICH IS UP IN LA – SO BOARD IS DEFINITELY A PROFESSIONAL SHAPE – who made the board/ what brand is it really? Is it glass or is it plastic or some type of composite.joanie

  5. So much info in so few words. Tolstoy could learn a lot.

  6. Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good information.

  7. Good job making it appear easy.

  8. Pero Nareox… WTF!!!! Anda que me avisas de la reunión para darle al “redenteo”… yo jugué unas cuantas al mediodía y pasamos unas cuantas sin demasiado problema. Eso sí, encontré un curioso bug en la misión de la mina ya que no había vagoneta donde dejar las bolsas de oro y las que habían estaban volcadas en el suelo… no sé si es un fallo realmente o es que los 4 éramos un poco torpes pero ni uno consiguió dar con la dichosa vagoneta.Ah, y curioso el bug al empujar la vagoneta volcada… el jugador se da la vuelta y la “empuja” cabeza abajo…

  9. Samoin samat sanat kuin Suhmuralla, pari ekaa päivää toimi kotona viikonloppuna, sitten töis olikin vähän vaivautunut olo kun hais hiki niin väkevältä. En edes käytä vartalon/kainaloiden pesuun mitään, koska en koe olevani saippuan tarpeessa kun joka aamu käyn suihkussa.Kun saan muutaman ylimääräisen kilon pois, kokeilen uudestaan, sillä hikoilen aivan eri lailla kun paino on yli 70, eli toivon mukaan kevään aikana :), samoin jos päästän kainalokarvat kasvaan yhtään milliä pitemmäksi.-Basilika

  10. poate sous-sefii nu sunt atat de nestiutori Poate nu aveau chef sa faca mai multe, sau poate esti un control-freak in bucatarie )glumesc, masa a fost foarte buna. la cine mergem data viitoare?

  11. I actually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

  12. That addresses several of my concerns actually.

  13.   14 septiembre 2012Sí, Sneakpeeq tiene varias cosas muy interesantes, pero por el momento no podemos comprar desde fuera de US 🙁 Están en ello, así que en cuanto podamos probarlo aquí, veremos si nos engancha a los de este lado del Atlántico!

  14. You’ve captured this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!

  15. Umm, are you really just giving this info out for nothing?

  16. Life is short, and this article saved valuable time on this Earth.

  17. Hey, good to find someone who agrees with me. GMTA.

  18. Your cranium must be protecting some very valuable brains.

  19. THX that’s a great answer!

  20. This is absolutely silly. You folks should hope people call you racists. At least then you could give a reason to believe this tripe. But if you actually believe this convoluted fantasy, then I pity you.Sorry folks but history will laugh at you and Americans will feel ashamed of your conspiracy theories.

  21. Yup, that should defo do the trick!

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  23. I heard Lauren made them tie up the moose during the photo shoot so he could not be seen nor heard from. Little does she now Anna can not make the wedding so he is my date

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