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  1. Pink says:

    Grattis! Kul för dig, intinsuttonei, djuren och för dem som kanske framöver kan framgångsrikt behandlas för bröstcancer. Lycka till med fortsatta forskandet!

  2. Beautiful card. Your colouring is gorgeous as always. Love your colour tones and all your extra details. hope you feel better soon.

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  4. Interesting when the subject of your post appears in your comments section. That reminds me of when Yvonne Ridley appeared in mine. I'm still waiting for Kim Jong Il or Ahmadinejad to show up.

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  8. Protestant:…Hudební dílo je dále odlišné od jeho jednotlivých provedení různými interprety…ávě jste potvrdil to,co tvrdím od začátku. Tedy,že provedení má vliv na hudební dílo,někdy je to vliv negativní a dílu škodí!!!Panebože,vy už jste úplně popletený!!

  9. That quote about mark Twain is brilliant. And so true. Reminds me, I'd better get off looking at my blogs now and get some work done :DHave a great day Cloudia!

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  14. The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

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  18. That addresses several of my concerns actually.

  19. I prefer this 2 ‘Word Of Mouth’ aswell. I only really like DJ Cheese’s cutting & scratching in ‘Word Of Mouth’ tracks,as he was pretty good 4 the time(apart from his mix on Ultimate Trax-painful!).

  20. Smart thinking – a clever way of looking at it.

  21. Tell your brother in law that he will grow out of it. My nephew was the same way with his sister's barbies and now he plays center in football for his high school

  22. Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

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  24. la verdad! que es una oportunidas para cualquier persona que realmente dece entrar a la casa! tengo 22 años. y me encantaria vivir una experiencia nueva lejos de lo que ya estoy viviendo. a tratae de darle un poco mas de sabor a la vida que no tengo y conocer gente nueva.

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  26. – Er der nogle pÃ¥ dit gymnasium, som du fÃ¥r inspiration fra? Hvem? (evt billede, sÃ¥ vi kan se dem.)- Hvis du skal farve dit hÃ¥r, hvilken farve skal det sÃ¥ være?- Hvad er dit yndlings tøjmærke?- Hvad er 5 gode rÃ¥d til at score dig.

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  31. Gracias Red! …. hmmm… fresas…buena idea. Ya estamos de cuenta atras de las vacaciones!. Se nos hace raro eso de la boda, pero mas cosas raras hacemos durante el año no? .

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  36. Ho aspettato a leggere il tuo pezzo Elisia, perché non meritava fretta né superficialità.Mi ha trasmesso intimismo e intensità, amplificate dalle fusa della gattina qui al mio fianco!

  37. I cant believe people would email asking about winners! Thats unbelievable. There was other blogger who was giving away candy but made it open it to existing followers only. Any new followers who joined after the candy was posted was not able to enter. Maybe thats the way to go in the future! I still cant believe that they pester you for the winner!! You deserved that rant!Love your work!HugsLynne x

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  40. If I keep entering to win one of your wonderful blog candies, I’ve got to win eventually, don’t I? No? Well, I’ll keep trying anyway. I don’t have this set but I’ve seen wonderful cards done with it, so….pick me!

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  42. Tricia just read about the flooding in your area. Hope your safe. I have family not far from there and they might be have to evacuate also.

  43. civic 4 door says:

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    Yes, yes, thank you. I find your how-to comments very helpful, and I love reading your blog. Any comments on drawing would be a bonus for me! Judy

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  56. Just listened to the show. My thoughts: Your group approaches (the Starbucks, the subway, etc) are pure improv/street art genius, and do indeed bring some needed magic and fun into life. But your approach to picking random people to approach and mess with – because that is what you’re doing – crosses a line. Causing effects in social life is one thing, but causing effect in personal lives is something very different.

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  68. Happy Birthday, Olive! Congrats Mrs. Bee and fam, the love you have for your family jumps off the page! I started reading Hellobee regularly after my friend sent me the page to Olive’s 3 month update (our babies look alike in those early months). Since then my favourite entries are still your monthly updates for the kiddies. I definitely hear you when you say that breastfeeding creates that special bond. There’s a quiet tenderness that you can’t really put to words.

  69. Hi Laura B.,Awww! What a cute story! I have a freestanding store less than a five minute walk away from my work. I just found out the other day that they do eyelash tinting there, would ya believe? Once I walked by at night to go to the theater and I saw a group of teenage girls having a pizza/makeup party there. Fun!

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  75. That will teach me to wait in the car while the rest of the crew picks out a cake! Hasn’t enough of my money already gone to the Hannah Montana empire? I just can’t believe Kate talked her brother into it.

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